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The well-being of our employees and guests is of the foremost importance to us here at The Auburn Lodge Hotel & Leisure Centre.

We have put in place preparatory measures and guidance to assist our guests mitigate the potential risks posed to public health and our business by the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

We operate highest levels of cleaning as best practice and we have increased these levels throughout the hotel. We have introduced hourly sanitisation of identified touchpoints across all public areas and will continue this process going forward.

We will review regularly and update as the situation evolves, keeping policies and procedures relating to Covid-19 under ongoing review.

This information has been developed based on HSE and World Health Organisation Draft Guidelines and does not constitute legal advice and is purely for guidance.

Sincerest thank you for your co-operation during this challenging time and your support of The Auburn Lodge Hotel & Leisure Centre.


We have identified a team of management and staff to handle all issues in relation to COVID-19 and contact numbers have been shared internally. This team will ensure appropriate communication and coordination between different departments (front desk, housekeeping, management, night porters and food and beverage staff).


Simple measures to help prevent spread of COVID-19 which we have taken in our hotel:

  • We promote regular hand-washing by displaying posters in customer and employee WCs encouraging good handwashing practice with soap and water.
  • We have prominently displayed alcohol-based hand sanitisers in various areas such as Hotel Reception, Bar & Restaurant. We refill these dispensers regularly.
  • We provide paper tissues and have closed bins for disposing of used tissues.
  • We carry out regular cleaning of public areas, elevators etc. to an excellent standard using disinfectant.


Ongoing measures to reduce the impact of a COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Continue with PREVENT measures (hand washing, respiratory hygiene, regular cleaning of surfaces and objects)
  • We will continue to review guidance provided by the relevant authorities including the HSE, Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) and the Department of Foreign Affairs.


For further information, please visit HSE website.